Happy 10th birthday Made in Roath!

Made in Roath community arts festival is ten this year and yet again it’s providing wonderful opportunities for our students and grads to show their work and gain experience of organising events and talking to the public about their work.

Fine Art graduate Janet Blackman is running Sock It to Me providing a home for all your orphaned socks  at Roath Bowling Pavilion, a collective of this year’s Masters Ceramics graduates are holding an exhibition at St Edwards Church in Westville Road, a group of third years are staging an art exhibition in a van at the end of Bangor Street and FabLab team member Karen O’Shea is running the Sharing the Same Jeans event at The Gate.  There’s the opportunity to see paintings by Professor André Stitt at gallery ten in Donald Street and the Rat Trap Collective which CSAD ABF Step Change Fellow Gweni Llwyd and Fine Art graduate Carlota Nobréga  have organised an alternative treasure hunt …with the clues featuring on the Made in Roath brochure cover.

Third year Fine Art students Imogen Spurrell and Sara Treble-Parry are volunteering at events throughout the Festival.  They said ‘Made in Roath is hugely beneficial for your professional development. It doesn’t feel like you’re doing work because it’s such an enjoyable festival to be a part of. This year we have personally taken part in sewing a design on a piece of bunting, to go with the 10-year anniversary theme of ‘we share the same jeans’. We have also taken part in a tie dye workshop, which was a fun way to get the volunteers to know one another as well as creating t-shirts that would show we are the volunteers at future events. We encourage everyone from all years to take part in a festival in Cardiff, especially Made in Roath, to put your foot in the door to the city’s art scene. Don’t leave it until your last year year!!!!’

Made in Roath runs from 14 to 21 October and you’ll find full information about all the events, exhibitions, open houses and more at http://madeinroath.com/

Photo:  Fine Art Level 6 Students Imogen Spurrell and Sara Treble-Parry