André Stitt explores modernist architectural legacies and Britain’s ‘new town’ planning

CSAD Fine Art staff member Professor André Stitt has been researching and making work responding to the legacy of Britain’s New Towns and post-war brutalist architecture. Over the past year he has made several research trips to Sklemersdale in Lancashire a new town near Ormskirk and Edgehill University. Cathy Butterworth the curator and director of Edgehill Art Centre is visiting Cardiff to select work for placement at Edgehill University Campus and Skelmersdale New Town. A large group of artworks will be embedded in the locality for a year with its impact measured to explore the placement of artists works in specific heritage contexts.

As they approach significant anniversaries in 2018 (50 or 70 years old), Britain’s new towns are facing difficult questions about what value to put on their Post War heritage.

Prof. Stitt will explore through painting, sculpture, ceramics and print combined with research presentations experiences of modernist architectural legacies and Britain’s ‘new town’ planning as a visionary utopian embodiment of progressive civic, municipal and social engineering. This project comes at a critical time when many of the New Towns are reaching an age when renewal and re-invention are being considered.