Anna Rogers

Anna Rogers Venice Diaries: Day One – Migratory motor complex by James Richards

Anna is one of Fine Art’s new graduates who is taking part in the Arts Council of Wales Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice Invigilation Plus programme. Here are her first thoughts on invigilating James Richards’ exhibition at the Wales Pavilion:-

“Today is my first shift, I’m about five hours in. I don’t know how many times the piece has looped now. But I’m not bored, or frustrated. I say I don’t know how many times it’s looped because just as I think I’m sure I’ve heard this bit before I hear something else – another part of the smooth soprano entwined with the electronically generated sound of the same pitch.

“They don’t clash, they respect one another.

“Speaking of respect, the venue is a church and former convent, with the sound piece playing over a seating area situated directly in front of a fresco of the Virgin Mary. They harmonise beautifully and not just visually.

“What you have is an artificial room with boundaries that are diced by sound.

“I’m not religious but my understanding of church services is that they create boundaries. That is not a value judgement – we need limits, all kinds of limits, we all have them.

“How do the boundaries of the church services that have been held in this space compare to the boundaries of the art?”

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