Rhianna Yates

Artist Designer: Maker student showcases performance piece at UK festivals throughout the Summer

As part of a second year Module, Artist Designer: Maker student Rhianna Yates was encouraged to pursue her ideal creative dream ‘to perform at festivals all around the world with my creations’ and seek real-world opportunities.

She says “For my first year final project I made a 7m x 7m dragon puppet (Y Ddraig Arian – The Silver Dragon) designed as a processional performance piece for festivals. This summer I have the pleasure of being asked to perform at 3 UK festivals so far this summer and am hoping to hear back from 4 more in the next few weeks. The tour starts at Eldorado festival 29th June – 1st July in Herefordshire, Beathearder which is 13th July – 15th July in Lancashire, and I’ve been invited back to One Tribe festival for my second year 30th August – 3rd Sept and held in Worcestershire.

I am so honoured to have been accepted so quickly and feel I am well on the way to making a name for myself within the festival industry.”