Sophie Hall

Artist Designer: Maker student wins award in national ‘Design and Make’ competition

We are delighted that Sophie Hall, a Level Five Artist Designer: Maker student at CSAD recently won 3rd place in a National Design and Make Competition sponsored by Axminster Tool and Machinery, through the Furniture Makers Company.

Students were asked to design a piece of innovative, pioneering wood based furniture and were judged in 2 stages. The first was an initial design/concept element where students are required to submit their ideas as sketches/CAD illustrations with accompanying descriptions. The judging panel selected the best to carry forward to the making stage. Those selected had three months to create their concept, with materials sponsored by Axminster.

Sophie said, ‘I am so pleased with my outcome for this competition, especially with my Eva cabinet being the first piece of finished furniture that I have made. The feedback I received has boosted my confidence and will help me develop as a young designer and maker. This competition has taught me so much about furniture making, which has included learning new processes as well as about working to a live brief. I am really proud of what I have made and I can only improve from this amazing opportunity’.

We look forward to seeing Sophie’s work develop and warmly congratulate her on her achievement and her commitment to the professionalism required in fulfilling a live brief to industry standards.