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BA Ceramics auction: raising awareness for Summer Show

BA Ceramics students Charlotte Manser, Spencer Penn and Meg Beamish have worked hard to contact the UK’s most notable ceramists to contribute to an auction to raise funds for their degree show and subsequent participation in major ceramics events such as Hatfield and New Designers.

The students have strategically negotiated a publicity campaign involving an external partner, the ‘Centre of Ceramic Art’ (CoCA), along with other collaborators including clay suppliers PotClays and Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. The event has also been featured in ClayCraft magazine.

The collection for auction now boasts work from artists such as the Great Pottery Throw Down presenters Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones, figurative sculptor Christie Brown, curator Alex McErlain and MBE potter Alison Hammond among others.

Among those who got in touch was writer Paul Bailey who also wanted to show his support by covering the event in the new Ceramics Craft Magazine. After discussing the event with the students he hopes to do a follow up of the CSAD Ceramics Summer Exhibition in his own publication Emerging Potters.

The auction takes place on Tuesday, February 21st 2017, from 6-9PM. Full details: