BA Ceramics student explores South Korea as part of ‘Field’

The Field module is undertaken by all CSAD students and is designed to facilitate their experience of different ideas in collaboration with students from other courses.

Second Year BA Ceramics Student Toni De Jesus chose, from a list that also included India and Morocco, to take part in a visit to South Korea.

Toni writes: “Field modules are all about going beyond the boundaries of our discipline (for me it’s ceramics) and taking us outside of our usual environment to inspire us and give us a new perspective. In my case, I had the option to travel to India, Morocco or South Korea to experience art and design in a place where traditions are very different to the Western world.

I chose South Korea, as that felt like the biggest adventure – I didn’t know much about the country culturally, so I figured it would be an amazing opportunity to get first-hand experience of its cuisine, music, architecture, monuments, traditions, people and history.”

Read Toni’s full blog post on the Cardiff Met Student Blogs website.