Anna Rogers

BA Fine Art graduate Anna is Three Doors Up’s artist-in-residence

CSAD’s ABF Step Change Fellow Anna Rogers is the current Three Doors up artist-in-residence working on a site-specific installation at the Cardiff city centre gallery. Anna, who graduated from the Fine Art programme this summer, said: ‘It’s a great opportunity for me to develop my practice, but also a huge step out of my comfort zone. I’ll be making work in a public place, with people wandering in and out of the installation as it is made, which previously, I have always done in private.

‘The relationship between public and private in relation to our environment is something that really interests me so I am excited to be able to experiment with those influences through this residency.

‘I’m interested to see how this informs my work as the period of making will be changed in response to the input of visitors and members of the public. I will also be inviting a few other specific artists and curators to come and spend time with me in the space as a means of creating a dialogue that informs the finished work.’

Talking about her work Anna explained it as ‘an ongoing exploration of fragmented environments and the relationship of the architectural and geometric to the natural and biometric. This is a reflection of the idea that environment is, whether artificially altered or not, interactively constructed in an endless variety of ways by both physical differences and the breadth of perception. I am interested in the strange ideas that form between seemingly irrelevant or unconnected experiences, places and interests and how those things naturally form themselves into cohesive narratives over time.”

Rhiannon Lowe from Three Doors up said: ‘We’re very excited. Anna will be with us for three weeks. There’ll be a closing event towards the end, naturally. Watch out for details.’

Three Doors Up is in Queens Arcade in Cardiff city centre and is open on Wednesdays to Saturdays from 12.30-5.30pm. Anna will be in on most of those days, so you can catch up with her work or experience her work as she develops it.

You can see more of Anna’s work at