BCB FRESH – Apply! Apply! Apply!

For 2017 British Ceramics Biennial, Youngeun Shin was chosen (alongside two other CSAD ceramics graduates) to be exhibited alongside 21 recent BA and MA Ceramics graduates as a part of the British Ceramic Biennial graduate exhibition: FRESH.

When I was first encouraged to apply for FRESH as a third year student, I felt slightly under-qualified as I was only completing my BA and knew that it was a fairly competitive spot. But I’m so glad that I did, as I would have never been selected. So my advice would be, APPLY APPLY APPLY!

With the application, be concise and read the application requirements carefully, you don’t want to miss anything or do a rush-job of it. All your hard work of writing artist-statements or taking good photographs for your degree is actually important and is useful for your professional practice. It is worth your time and effort so make good use of all the resources you have around you now!

It was really interesting to see my work in a totally different context to what they were initially made for and how that changes it in ways you don’t expect. But that’s what’s so exciting about it, as once the work is made; it exists as an independent thing. Since the show, some of my work has lived on a brick-wall in New Cross to an office space in Chelsea, two very different places again. Additionally, I had such a great experience working with the curators for FRESH, Rhiannon and Helen, as they did such an excellent job in bringing everything together in quite a challenging space.

Private View
Spode China Hall is just an incredible venue with such rich and interesting history, I was so thrilled to see my pieces in the space with so many amazing ceramic artworks.

On the other hand I remember feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole PV atmosphere, as it was my first external exhibition. There were all the artists and makers of works that I’d appreciated and researched in front of me. If I could give advice to anyone who does get to be involved, is to actually speak to the other artists and exhibitors there and enjoy the conversations! They’re now your co-workers and fellow- artists, snap out of your ‘I’m a student’ mind-set! You have lots to learn but also have lots of offer!

So to close
Have faith in your own work, take every opportunity to show it to a wider audience (in this case, the BCB FRESH submission) and regardless of the outcome, it’s literally just a beginning to your artist career so don’t fret and enjoy it!