Cardiff Met Schools collaborate on the ‘Overdrive PLC Multi School Project’

The Overdrive PLC Multi School Project is a collaboration between the Cardiff School of  Education’s Nick Young, CSAD BA Animation Programme Leader Owen Stickler & Cardiff School of Management’s  Paul Angel. Staff and students from all three Schools have been involved in delivering the project: primary education students, animation students and computer games design staff.

The brief was to design promotional multimedia for the Circuit of Wales which is being built in close proximity to Deighton Primary School. Together all involved have designed, planned and created a computer game to promote the opening of the Circuit of Wales.

Pupils have been on visits to both Llandaff and Cyncoed campuses to learn new skills to develop this game. Staff and students have also visited Deighton Primary School to support the design process of the game. The project has closely followed the actual process a ‘real’ computer game would go through with the project culminating in a ‘Game Premiere’ on the 7th June 2017 at 3-4pm in the Atrium of CSM. This project is truly cross curricular and is an exemplar learning process recommended by the Donaldson curriculum reforms.