trial by death

Cardiff Met’s Animation and Games Design staff collaborate with First Campus students on Haunted House computer game project

During the recent First Campus Summer School at CSAD, Owen Stickler and Tom Edgar from the Animation program collaborated with Paul Angel from the Cardiff Met Games Design program to run a Haunted House themed game project. Students experienced the process of designing and creating a video game from scratch. From initial idea generation, character and background design to writing code.

First Campus Students combined traditional techniques of drawing, cut out and stop motion animation, with digital technologies such as green screen, compositing and coding with Java script to create the ‘Trial By Death’ video game. The First Campus students were a mix of yr 9 and 10 school children from various schools in the South Wales area.

The project was a great success and both Animation and Games Design programs are looking to build on the partnership with further outreach projects and opportunities for transdiciplinary collaboration between students and staff at Cardiff Met.