Ceramics Art Auction 2017

Third Year BA (Hons) Ceramics student Charlotte Manser reflects on having organised a hugely succesful ceramics and art auction this term…

The university does a lot to prepare us for our life after we graduate, with workshops on CV writing, job opportunities and networking events. If we plan on continuing in our discipline and becoming an artist, a big help for that is being remembered from our degree show. Therefore it is advised that we fundraise in order to pay for high quality catalogues to bring together our names and works in our show. This is also something nice to remember your degree by.

A lot of students have organised cake sales, socials, and events to raise funds, however this year, myself and a team of 3 other students spent 5 months organising a ceramics and art auction. With the aim of raising a further £1000 to add what we had already raised in the previous two years of study, we decided to put all our time into this event hoping it would be successful.

Our first plan was to contact past graduates from BA (Hons) Ceramics to ask politely for a small donation which we would then auction at the event in February. However, we then began to contact artists who we had met before, worked for, or who had some affiliation with the university. The amazing generosity of artists, locally, and nationally amazed us and we received over 70 donations! Pieces were received from artists such as: Walter Keeler, Jin Eui Kim, Kate Malone from The Great British Throw Down as well as some of the contestants who appeared on it.

We soon realised that this auction was becoming far bigger than we expected and with the help of the University’s Centre of Entrepreneurship, Cardiff Businesses, Museums/Galleries, and Facebook, we began to advertise our auction nationally. On the evening of the auction, we were excited by the collectors that came to join us not just from Cardiff but from all around the UK.

We raised an astonishing £2500! We were amazed by the result and want to thank everyone that joined us or supported us in some way. This money is going to allow us to make our degree show the best it can be.

Although this had taken a lot of planning and time, it really helped us build a network of artists and collectors that we can now invite to our degree show and also provided a great evening for everyone.

We have learnt skills in communication, advertising and marketing, as well as planning and time keeping. Working in a team has been challenging at times but it is a great opportunity to discover everyone’s skills and to use them to the best of our ability. This event is not a normal way of fundraising but it was a successful one and brought together a community interested in the arts and ceramics and for that I am so pleased! It just shows what exciting opportunities there are to undertake within the university, and is something that will support me in my professional life.

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Photographs from the Ceramics & Art Auction are available below: