Ceramics / Coffee / Nature / Mindfulness

CSAD ceramics graduate Frances Lukins has been successful in her kickstarter bid to establish three coffee bars in three different communities across Cardiff.

The family business ‘Lufkins Coffee’ will move their 10K coffee roasting machine to Clare Road in Grangetown allowing them to host their workshop and a ceramics store for the stocking and selling of local ceramics ware.

This site will distribute coffee to both their current location in Kings Road Yard, Pontcanna and new premesis in the old rangers hut Thompson’s Park, Canton, in order to support the bringing of quality coffee through high quality ceramics ware to the city and extend its reach into a more rural landscape.

“My dream is to see people connecting to the park in new and deeper ways through standing still and using the excuse of coffee to become more centred in their everyday. The connection from ceramic material through the body and to the ground, soil and trees is incredibly exciting”.

Frances who graduated in 2018 explored the relationship between ceramics, the ritual of coffee and the community as part of her degree. Her work explored the notion of layering and building a poetic material language that could help customers to become more centered and better enjoy the moment.

I see the potential for three coffee bars in different communities serving as different elements of a whole, building up and layering upon our values of ritual, slowing down and space for creative flow.

I see these new spaces as areas of play, where people can explore rituals in a new way, and explore the idea of living differently, not getting caught up in a human rat race, dictated to by our clocks, but rubbing up against a natural flow of things, laid out for us by nature, echoed in natural material.

Using ceramic cups is one element, but that’s not where the connection ends, or begins either. I’m excited to explore further the idea of being connected to natural material in a way that resounds with a longing in each of us to slow down, through the use of tactile objects and also natural objects. I hope to stir through my ongoing work, a subconscious connection in others that can insight a conscious decision to become more mindful in our everyday.

The planning and enacting of the Kick Starter bid took place not long after the birth of her son, a little brother for daughter India. She hasn’t stopped for one moment!

I can’t wait to get my hands back into clay, to build layers from porcelain and crank and terracotta. I don’t feel as though I’ve stopped layering in the time that I’ve been on maternity, working away on expanding our coffee business in the early hours while feeding our new baby, like an orchestra I feel it’s all building to a crescendo of beautiful elements connecting to form a poetic plea to my own soul and that of others, to explore and carry on exploring, to look deeper and further into the occurrences of the everyday as elements that make up our lives.