Chloe Monks Ceramics

Ceramics Mentor Scheme

The BA (Hons) Ceramics mentor initiative is part of students’ professional practice opportunities; identifying champions of key modes of practice to inspire and support students in their final year.

Students are aligned with one of three broad, overlapping categories: Function, Narrative and Meta-Modernism to help locate relevant discourse to underpin their idea development and also help shape their potential career decisions.

Each category encounters an immersive experience in their chosen area followed up with a seminar Q & A as they reach their final term. The following summaries should give you an idea of the different dialogues taking place within each category:


  • Functional Group – champion: Jeremy Steward and Wobbage Pottery: What life style / state of mind are you promoting through your work? You have chosen the most intimate of art-forms that can shape a persons home, their quiet moments, their sustenance – you have responsibility!


  • Narrative Group – champion: Hywell Pontin and Llantarnam Grange: What does your work communicate, and how does it convey meaning. What structures are you using – a simple beginning middle and end or is a viewer thrown into a scene becoming one of the cast themselves?


  • Meta Modernists – Bob Gelsthorpe and G39: what are the universal truths espoused through your practice and what is the significance of clay in speaking about them?


Image above: Chloe Monks, ceramics Graduate 2016