Ceramics students and graduates contribute to Rethink Ceramics conference

CSAD Ceramics students have often worked with CoCA (the Centre of Ceramic Art, York), and at a conference devised by the Centre earlier this year our students were invited to demonstrate their approach to skills sharing (‘Vicarious Wednesdays’) – where students enter into conversation about their approaches whilst demonstrating the core skills involved.

MA graduate Nathan Mullis and BA graduate Isabella Bilstein attended the conference, demonstrating the ‘Vicarious Wednesday’ ethos. Isabella demonstrated on a Hans Copers handmade kick wheel on loan from York museum. She sat on the kick wheel a mere ten minutes after renowned potter Walter Keeler had finished his demonstration!

Both students showed how nurturing receptivity, an openness, a hospitality in making can lead to insightful practice.

Other speakers at the sold out event were American critic Garth Clark founder and editor of C-File, Linda Sormin from Alfred university New York and UK’s Phoebe Cummings amongst many more.