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Welcome to Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Art & Design Creative Challenge. To keep you busy our staff and students have devised some creative challenges for you that can be done at home.

You can have a go at any of the challenges and take as much or as little time as you like over them.

When you've completed one you can post a picture or video on Instagram @cardiffmetCSAD with the tags provided for each challenge.

We'll be taking a look every Friday at the submissions, choosing our favourites and sharing them on our feed. You can do as many as you like, whenever you like.

Choose a project from the two sections:

Pick a project: If you're feeling adventurous, check out the wide range of exciting projects designed to get your creative minds working! Great for developing interdisciplinary thinking skills and creativity.

Subject challenge: If you would like to try a subject-specific challenge, check out discipline-specific briefings. Especially useful if you want to build a portfolio to apply to one of our courses or are joining us for the next academic year, or just for fun!

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Croeso i Her Greadigol Ysgol Celf a Dylunio Prifysgol Fetropolitan Caerdydd. Er mwyn eich cadw'n brysur mae ein staff a'n myfyrwyr wedi dyfeisio rhai heriau creadigol i chi y gellir eu gwneud gartref.

Gallwch roi cynnig ar unrhyw un o'r heriau a chymryd cymaint neu gyn lleied o amser ag y dymunwch drostynt.

Pan fyddwch wedi cwblhau un, gallwch bostio llun neu fideo ar Instagram @cardiffmetCSAD gyda'r tagiau wedi'u darparu ar gyfer pob her.

Byddwn yn edrych bob dydd Gwener ar y cyflwyniadau, yn dewis ein ffefrynnau ac yn eu rhannu ar ein Oriel. Gallwch chi wneud cymaint ag y dymunwch, pryd bynnag y dymunwch.

Dewiswch brosiect o'r ddwy adran:

Pigwch brosiect: Os ydych chi'n teimlo'n anturus, edrychwch ar yr ystod eang o brosiectau cyffrous a'u dyfeisiwyd i gael eich meddyliau creadigol i weithio! Gwych ar gyfer datblygu sgiliau meddwl rhyngddisgyblaethol a chreadigrwydd.

Her pwnc: Os hoffech chi roi cynnig ar her pwnc-benodol, edrychwch ar y briffiau a nodir gan ddisgyblaeth. Yn arbennig o ddefnyddiol os ydych chi am adeiladu portffolio i wneud cais i un o'n cyrsiau neu os ydych chi'n ymuno â ni am y flwyddyn academaidd nesaf, neu am hwyl yn unig!

Ynglŷn ag Ysgol Gelf a Dylunio Caerdydd


Make a Collage Triptych What is a Collage? A Collage is a picture made from other pictures that you cut up and stick together, like this: What is a Triptych?‘Triptych’ is a cool word for three pictures displayed together, like this: What do you need?Scissors (be careful)A glue stick3 pieces …

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Make a Saltdough Rainbow             Suitable for all ages! (2 activities: making the rainbow, and on another day, painting the rainbow) Ingredients: 250g plain flour (NOT self-raising), 125g salt, a couple of drops of oil (optional), 125ml water 250g will make a large grapefruit-size of dough – plenty for more …

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Follow along with this watercolour painting tutorial from Cardiff Open Art School tutor Sebastian Alpin. Here’s how to enter:1. Follow us on instagram @cardiffmetCSAD2. Complete the task3. Tag us @cardiffmetCSAD and use the hashtag #cmetcreate and #paintacar4. We will be judging these challenges every Friday

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Harness the power of the sun for your textile creation Collect some leaves or plants with bold interesting shaped flat leaves, and perhaps flower heads (gerbera and giant daisies work well, as do leaves like those of a horse chestnut, oak tree or a cheese plant!) from your garden or …

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Inspired by the Home Collecting Project by the Museum of the Home https://www.museumofthehome.org.ukhttps://www.museumofthehome.org.uk/explore/stay-home-collecting-project/ During these extraordinary times, our homes have never been so important. The Museum of the Home (the former Geffrye Museum), London is documenting how our home lives are changing during the coronavirus pandemic. This new collecting project …

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From memory draw a picture of any artwork or object you have seen in a museum. When you have finished the drawing, find a photo of the object online. Put them side by side. Write about what you have remembered, what you have forgotten and what you have invented. Here’s …

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World day of … Choose a ‘world day’ and design something to address an aspect of it. E.g Environmental Day (5th June)Oceans Day (8th June) Refugee day  (20th June) ….or make one up yourself! This is a design thinking challenge so first research the topic, choose one aspect, then generate as many quick and rough ideas …

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#TearDown Have you wondered what is inside of that product and how it works? Select a product that can be taken apart (toy, pepper grinder, remote control, mouse etc). Make a guess before tearing down. Sketch out and list what you think is inside of it. Tear down the product …

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