Harness the power of the sun for your textile creation

Collect some leaves or plants with bold interesting shaped flat leaves, and perhaps flower heads (gerbera and giant daisies work well, as do leaves like those of a horse chestnut, oak tree or a cheese plant!) from your garden or a daily walk

Take a piece of plain washed white or light coloured cotton fabric and wet it then squeeze out most of the water.  Lay it flat on a piece of polythene, like a bin bag, on a flat surface in a very sunny spot.

Paint it all over with a well diluted solution of acrylic paint in a deep colour, eg dark blue, deep red, orange or crimson, or perhaps a brown, or bottle green. 

Next arrange your leaves or other foraged items as flat as you can get them onto the painted fabric.  If you press them down well, the petals or leaves might even create a good suction effect against the fabric.

Leave your sample to expose in the sun for the day, and when it is completely dry, remove your foraged items, and prepare to be amazed at the effect of the sun leaving a print of your item on your fabric. 

Stitch into it using a combination of hand and machine stitching to add interest and texture. You could even incorporate small elements of text or imagery by collaging onto your piece.

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