Interior Design

Lockdown light drawing:

Take a piece of paper (A4?) fold in half and then in half again. You’ve made a little book!

Choose a room or space in your lockdown environment that has a natural light source e.g. window, roof light, half glazed door

Make yourself comfortable in a place where you can make a drawing from a chosen viewpoint.

Write on the back of the drawing paper, in the square, words that describe the space – how it makes you feel is it warm/cold/hard/soft/welcoming/ austere/utilitarian/friendly, scary etc.

Notice how the light falls in that space, look at any objects or surfaces that catch your eye and pay attention to them in your drawing. e.g. door handle, light shade, your foot…

How will you use your pencil, pen, charcoal, rubber etc. to capture light and shade? Experiment, every thing you try is valid – keep you experiments and ‘mistakes’

Return to that Space four times during the day, time it so that there’s a morning, afternoon, evening and night-time drawing.

Each time notice how the light changes the objects and your perception of the space and draw, paying particular attention to how the light falls.

Write how the changing light alters your feelings and write the words on the back of the square

You should by the end have a light time-lapse drawing!

If you want to take this further you could increase the number of drawings and create a simple flip-book

Experiment with different media and sizes – collage? Make it 3d  – photos would work, but do the drawing first.

If you’ve really enjoyed this, move on to the next room!

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