Creature: A solo exhibition of new works by artist Harriet McCormick

CSAD is delighted to announce that 2016-17 Graduate Incubation Unit member Hareit McCormick is about to open her first solo show. It opens on Thursday 12 October at Cardiff MADE in Roath where Harriet will be presenting a body of exciting new works developed during her time in the Incubation Space.

‘Creature’ is an ongoing investigation through different mediums such as collage and clay of the symbolic connotations of animal forms as body transformed through an evident metamorphic process. Working across different media including producing screen prints from her sketchbooks, Harriet’s art practice is part scientist, collector and inventor; encapsulating a sense of wonder mixed with the macabre. A strange genesis has occurred – where animals stripped of fur, ears back to their bone forms, become translated into something ‘other’, added to, morphed. As if a Victorian geneticist had been let loose to plan and conjure a curious beast and the cell division was manifest in the creation of limb and texture, jumbled up and rearranged.

Harriet uses a process of building up, disjointing and connecting disparate parts. Her work has gone into new areas on from her powerful MA exhibition work where strangely beautiful pastel ceramic forms abstracted from animal parts were unrecognisable and surreal – into creating totemic objects, and since then into playing with the coated surface. Rich black pigments contrast with shiny lustre, as if a magical beast dipped its hoof into liquid gold or was caught and fetishised in the process.

Harriet’s fascination with the strange alien textures of skin, bone, feather and the process of ‘flocking’ provide her pieces with a richness and oddity of parts out of context, yet now concerned with evolving a new whole, or ‘being’. Her investigation has moved further into ‘multiples’ and the collective body as form, the strangeness of swarm. In an age where creative manipulation in laboratories can happen at a microscopic and hidden level, such overtly reverent tinkering with animal forms is both relevant and refreshing, reminding us to look at how extraordinary nature – as it exists, or can be.

Harriet said: “The roots for my ideas come from my curiosity and wonder of the natural world, through construction and deconstruction of images I create creatures, which have no clear origin or identity, to which they have been stretched and butchered, this allows for a new identity and otherness. I then translate these 2D ideas into 3D, bit by bit my ideas become more abstract and so does the work, going from literal animal forms to then ambitious forms of nature.”

Cardiff MADE
41 Lochaber Street
Cardiff CF24 3LS

Private view: Thursday 12th October 201
6.30 – 9.30pm

Exhibition continues until November 4th