CSAD Ceramics ‘Great Welsh Throw Down Challenge’ 2017

The CSAD Ceramics ‘Great Welsh Throw Down Challenge’ 2017 was devised for the Craft Councils ‘Hey Clay’ initiative which is also part of the BBC’s ‘Get Creative’ campaign, running over three days, the 7th, 8th, 9th April 2017.

We turned the format of the BBC’s ‘Pottery Throw Down’ on its head – with the experts as contestants and the emerging skill and confidence of our CSAD Ceramics students equipping them to set the challenges. The five experts were presented with 5 challenges ranging from slab building to turning fine porcelain thrown vessels.

The winner was a tie-break between Sean Gordon and Harriet McCormick.

The experts involved were: Sean Gordon, Duncan Ayscough, Huw Raine, Mick Morgan and Harriet McCormick

The challenge setters were:
Charlotte Manser – final year ceramist student
Charles Conreur (MA Ceramics) and Georgie Phillips final year ceramics student
Spencer Penn – final year ceramics student
Alison Graham – alumni – standing in for a poorly student!
Siamak Faroutan – MA Ceramics

In the ceramics department at CSAD we prize skill share initiatives both within the school and through devising external events. Our network of ceramic artists across the UK greatly informs teaching and enhances the students professional prospects. The ‘Hey Clay’ event gives us the chance to do what we do best – share and explore material practice with high end innovative practitioners.