CSAD Ceramics Masters Student Uses Empirical Process to Achieve Philosophical Progress

Twenty three year old Nathan Mullis, from Cardiff is in the early stages of his artistic career and has just completed a Masters degree in Ceramics but he already has an impressive record of exhibitions. His latest project, “Small Worlds”, recently showcased at the CSAD Masters Degree Show will also be displayed at this year’s British Ceramics Biennale FRESH prize.

Nathan is aesthetically drawn to everyday objects and structures that dominate our immediate environment, he shapes raw material – mainly clay and ceramics – to create environments inspired by his imagination and intuition.

His Masters final project, ‘Small Worlds’, is a series of 20 independent sculptures, which work collectively in harmony.

Nathan explains: “The objects cohere to the same universal similarities I find myself in, voicing the ‘primal’, which is what unites them. The sculptures create a language that comes together to create a bridge between the past and present to characterise an aesthetic distinctiveness.”

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