CSAD Ceramics students contribute the ‘Growing Exhibition’ to Made in Roath

Ceramics Programme Director Natasha Mayo writes about CSAD Ceramics latest exhibition:

CSAD Ceramics students seized the opportunity to contribute to Made in Roath this year with a fantastic initiative entitled the ‘Growing Exhibition’ a responsive and interactive event in the historic site of the old church formally ‘Ink Spot’ in Roath. The event was kindly sponsored by a great supporter of our Ceramics programmes here in Cardiff, PotClays.

The historic site encouraged thematic and material investigation mottled by coloured light filtered through stain glass windows. The exhibition literally grew across the four days of the festival, up stairwells and window frames and the public encouraged to contribute!

As CSADceramics students Marek Lisa and Morgan Dowdall created this ‘live’ work they were accompanied by the exhibition of their peers: Hanna Gourlay, Frances Lukins, Adrian miles, Magdel Strydom, Elin Hughes, Yixia Lin, Jasper Smith, Laura Bevan and lucy Felden.

We are looking to install the ‘Growing Exhibition’ as an annual event in our ceramics calendar!