CSAD Ceramics students exhibit at Oriel 2

The Ceramics course at CSAD embraces intuitive learning; where tacit knowledge informs the generation of artifacts, with fingers and palm responding to the resistance and versatility of clay.

We encourage fascination of material properties and match this curiosity with high level skill by teaching a breadth of technologies from traditional to contemporary innovations that seek to redefine the possibilities of this enduring discipline.

The exhibition ‘Super Bowls’ offers us a perfect brief. Alike Geoff Swindells selection of artists, we also gave our students the basic guidelines that “objects should be essentially shallow, hollow containers and connect stylistically to individual interests and current work as artists and designers”. The results, as with those in the main gallery; many of whom are CSAD alumni, demonstrates a breadth of approach from some already known for their bowl forms and others who are new to considering their work in this format.

Visitors to our ‘spin-off’ exhibition will see dialogues extended and diversified from those downstairs offering opportunity to review from master to students at the very beginning of their craft, the wealth contained in the most simplest of forms; humble vessel.