The CSAD ‘Master Blasters’ visit the Sidney Nolan Trust Artists Camp

The Cardiff School of Art & Design ‘Master Blasters’ are visiting the Sydney Nolan Trust to create a series of prints and to carve masks based on the opportunities offered by the surroundings at the centre in Presteigne. The group, headed by Dr. James Green, is made up of Masters Degree students who are about to embark on their final Masters Degree exhibition in September, and recent BA Fine Art graduates.

The Sidney Nolan Trust was established at The Rodd near Presteigne in 1985, fulfilling Sidney Nolan’s long-held plans to create a place in a rural setting for his own paintings and for music; plans that had been inspired by his visits to his friend Benjamin Britten’s foundation at The Maltings in Suffolk.

Each summer the Sydney Nolan Trust hosts students, graduates and staff from art colleges and universities across the UK. In the spirit of the Sydney Artists’ Camps of more than a century ago, and of Sidney Nolan’s own vision for The Rodd, these week-long ‘camps’ offer participants the chance to walk, talk, review their practice, experiment and share ideas with each other and the public.

The Artist Camp residents are:
Anna Rogers, Francesca Vaz, Jason Gregory, Rachel Smyth, Barbara Post, Brendan Stokes, Jessy Plant, Saphira Hill, James Brook, Laura Lillie, James Green, Jonny Wise, Felicity Lockyear, Sophie Bristow, Mark Hicken, Ian Wilkins.

More information and images on the Sydney Nolan Trust website.