Curating in Context Project

AJ Stockwell, a graduate of Cardiff School of Art & Design and the CSAD Inc. Space, has returned as a visiting artist to teach a five-week course about curating. The Curating in Context project is aimed at second year Fine Art students who are currently making, or are considering making three-dimensional work.

AJ’s artwork takes multiple forms, using objects, video, print and text to examine our relationship with artefacts, and how we define ourselves through the use of objects and materials. AJ’s work has been exhibited all over the United Kingdom, and she has been awarded many residencies and scholarships.

The project is part of an over-arching brief that asks students to consider creative ways to professionally exhibit their work. Students are encouraged to think of how they can show their work without the backing and costs involved with major galleries. Other workshops involve making ‘Zines, the Locker Exhibition, exhibiting on the internet, and post/mail art.