Forest of Plinths

‘Forest of Plinths’ installed

A Cardiff Met student competition set up during the Summer 2016 term has resulted in a project called ‘Forest of Plinths’, supported by funding from the Student Union’s Student Experience Fund.

Organised by CSAD tutor Olivia Kotsifa and Chantelle Haughton from The School of Education and open to all Art & Design students, the brief asked for the design of an outdoor learning area that will be used by both Undergraduate students and Primary school children. The design had to be fun and engaging but also to provide seating and storage.

The project represented a community engagement collaboration opportunity for Cardiff Met’s Schools of Art & Design and Education. Of the three pitches put forward, the winning solution, entitled ‘Forest of Plinths’ was installed in October 2016, with an official opening planned for the 1st February 2017.

Congratulations to all those involved, including CSAD students Alice Crood, Morgan Dowdall, Spencer Penn, Marek Liska, Georgia Pearson, Tom Smee, Toni De Jesus and Sophie Louis Keen.

Many thanks to Alice Croot for supplying images.