Fuzzy Bunny – Carlota Nóbrega and Gweni Llwyd to exhibit at Spit & Sawdust

Two recent Fine Art graduates, Carlota Nobrega and Gweni Llwyd, will be showing their artwork at Spit & Sawdust skate park and art space this month. Fuzzy Bunny opens on 12 October.

Gweni Llwyd is originally from Y Fron, a small village in North Wales, and has been based in Cardiff since beginning her BA in Fine Art in 2014. Her practice revolves around the mundane, the sensory and the absurd, often using memories from her childhood, previous sculptures and online video databases as starting points, approaching her practice as a multidisciplinary collage of stuff.

Carlota Nóbrega is a Portuguese fine artist, based in Cardiff, who works with multiple medias, such as video, painting and sculpture, Carlota’s work explores and experiments with the concept of abjection in relation to the body.

Nia Metcalfe of Spit & Sawdust said ‘We really enjoyed Gweni and Carlota’s work when we visited the Cardiff Met Degree show back in May, so are very excited to be working with them on this new exhibition. We hope this partnership with the University will be a success and can become a yearly occurrence. It’s important that graduates get opportunities to exhibit, so they’re encouraged to stay in Cardiff when they finish their courses.’
Richard Morris, Associate Dean of Enterprise at CSAD ‘We’re delighted to support motivated and talented grads as they embark on professional careers and it’s really good to work with Spit & Sawdust to showcase their talents. Opportunities like this show what a vibrant lively and supportive creative community there is, and demonstrates the clear potential and importance of this work in the wider creative community and also helping contribute to making Cardiff a great place to study, live and work.’

As well as simply wanting to offer two promising new artists one of their first exhibitions, the collaboration between Spit & Sawdust and Cardiff Met is aimed at being able to offer artists extended support and critical exchange in the first few months as they transition from education to professional art practice. It can be a daunting time, so the project is structured to make sure Gweni and Carlota are able to have lots of conversations about their practice and are given space to experiment with new ways of presenting their work.

Gweni is also a part of the Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice Invigilation Plus programme and will be spending a month in Venice soon invigilating at the Welsh Pavilion where work by CSAD Foundation graduate James Richards is being shown as well as spending time developing her own practice.
Spit & Sawdust
Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff CF23 9AF

Fuzzy Bunny runs until 30 November 2017