GREAT WALL OF COLLAGE: Cut & Paste Explore Project Exhibition

Second year CSAD students from a range of subject areas have been collaborating to create a giant wall of collage currently on display in the CSAD building, reflecting the work they made during a project entitled ‘Cut & Paste Explore’. 

Module leader and lecturer James Green writes: “Collage surrounds us throughout our lives – when we watch films, see adverts on the way in to Art School, or scroll through our phones, we see images that have been cut up and put back together. These images, whether still, moving, interactive or digital, are all collages that have been created by artists and designers who specialize in different Subject areas. They are often spliced with words, numbers, signs, graphs, and other abstractions. These images are so commonplace that we may pass by them without even noticing them – however they all have one thing in common – they have nearly always been made using at least one kind of collage technique.”