John Bennett

The Homeless Mug project raises over £1500

MA Ceramics student John Bennett writes in response to his fundraising activities for ‘The Homeless Mug Project’:

A Big, Big, thank you to the Students, TDs, Staff, Business Catering Staff, and Lecturers of Cardiff Metropolitan, Llandaff Campus, for your support, to the Homeless Mug Project.

Collectively, we made a grand total of £1580.00 which was given directly to the Cardiff Bus Project. This was a beautiful, humble project, that has made a real difference. This project was a wonderful illustration, of the power of creativity and working together. Personally, I was moved by all you guys, by your commitment and passion to making a difference, to making this project a success.

Special thanks must be given to our Dean, Olwen, Angie of Create, and the Student Union (who’s donations paid for materials and equipment) collectively, they were the pillars of this project.

I have learned a lot from this project and would like to run it again with your support. I have created a Facebook page called: Active  where all ideas of social improvement towards a cohesive society are welcome.