Illustration student wins Gold Award for Creative Conscience competition submission

For the past 5 years BA (Hons) Illustration introduce the Creative Conscience awards project as an option for 1st and 3rd year students, and as a set project for 2nd year students. We believe this project is vital in enabling illustrators to realise the impact with their work and its potential to do good in the world, to make a difference. This year we are very proud that 2nd year student Miles Brayford’s important project has been acknowledged with a gold award.

Education for Equality is an animation introducing some of the common terminology surrounding transgender and non binary identities.

The intention is that this is the first in a series of short animations about this subject that can be used as a resource in schools to teach about gender but can also work as an online campaign to help everyone understand that trans people are equally human and therefore deserve equal love, validation and respect.