Inc Space member sets up new crit sessions to build a creative community

Ian Cook Tapia, one of CSAD’s Incubation Unit members, is planning a new creative co-working space for the city. In preparation for that he’s launching regular art crit sessions in Roath.

Ian explains ‘Ffangai is a small arts organisation working towards better understanding Cardiff’s Creative Industries both as a business and as a community, and hopefully one day will build our own creative hub.’

‘Towards that goal, we’ve started to facilitate small art crits at The Andrew Buchan Pub on Albany Road in Roath. One of the best aspects of studio practice is being close to a colleague who can offer critique, advice, a supportive word within arm’s length, and sadly this is something that can easily be lost after graduation, in that period where a studio space isn’t yet found and one is going at it alone. To help bridge the gap between graduation and the elusive “professional” status, Ffangai crits are open to anyone and everyone. We’re aiming to grow our community to bring professionals of varying degrees of experience, students and the public together to talk about people’s work, offer advice, connections, criticism and, most importantly, to show that we’re all here so close to one another.’

Ffangai’s Open Art Crits take place every fortnight at The Andrew Buchan on Albany Road. For more information, find Ffangai on Facebook and Twitter. The next crit takes place on Wednesday 6 September at 7pm.