Field Project at cardiff School of Art & Design (CSAD)

The Monster is His Secret Father

‘The monster is his secret father’ an ensemble of work by second year students from Cardiff School of Art & Design, lead by Programme Director for Illustration, Amelia Johnstone.

Time: 6:00PM, Thursday 16 February 2017
Location: The High Street Arcade, Cardiff

The work extrapolates a quote from Robert Calasso, mythographer author and publisher, who looks to mythology to try and bring understanding to the present.

In an era of the new ‘narcissus’ and the ‘echo chamber’ myths reverberate from the distant past and slam alarmingly into the present. The voice that only hear’s itself …itself …itself… , the reflection which beguiles and ultimately kills.

Please join us at 6:00PM on the 16 February in the High Street Arcade to discuss the work with the students with the hope of encapsulating the tone of Tadeuz Kantor’s Creddo, and the wish to bring spiritual dignity back to our time.

Refreshments will be provided.

RSVP ajohnstone [at]