This Machine Could Bite by Paul Granjon

Paul Granjon discusses the role of ‘non-benign Art Robots’ in The Fibreculture Journal

CSAD Fine Art academic staff member Paul Granjon has just published “This Machine Could Bite, on the Role of Non-Benign Art Robots”, a paper in Fibreculture Journal’s special issue on Creative Robotics.

The article examines how robotic artworks can provide an original point of view on the progress of social robots, usually designed to be friendly and useful. At a time when intelligent machines are emerging, this friendly-by-default function limits the exploration of the intelligent machines’ potentials and their impact on society. Can art robots – robots invented by artists – offer a more open perspective that allows a machine to express its potential beyond the limits imposed by a market-driven approach? The paper addresses this question by considering early cybernetic machines, current developments in social robotics, and art robots by the author and other artists.

The Fiberculture Journal is an open access peer-reviewed international journal, first published in 2003 to explore issues and ideas about contemporary digital and networked media. .

The article is available here: