Episode 4: Aneurin Hughes

The Visceral Visual: How The Imagery of Horror Generates Meanings Across Mediums

This episode features a conversation with Aneurin Hughes, a final year student on the BA (Hons) Illustration course at Cardiff School of Art & Design, about his final year research which explores the way in which the imagery of horror generates meanings across mediums with a particular focus on John Carpenter’s The Thing and the Japanese horror manga Uzumaki.

In conversation with Aneurin are Dr Martyn Woodward, Associate Dean: Student Engagement, and his dissertation supervisor Cath Davies, Lecturer in Constellation.

You can find out more about Aneurin’s work via his website ghoulstuff.wordpress.com or on Instagram @ghoulstuff

If you would like to follow up on some of the ideas discussed in this episode you may find the following resources interesting:


  • Hurley, K (1996), The Gothic Body : Sexuality, Materialism, and Degeneration at the Fin de Siècle, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Kristeva, J. (2010) Powers of Horror: an essay on abjection. New York, Ny: Columbia Univ. Press.
  • McCloud, S. (1994). Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Ny Harpercollins Publishers.

The Thing:

  • Rob Bottin on Norris spider-head from “The Thing” (1982): Click Here
  • Rob Bottin’s Special Effects Work On “The Thing”: Click Here


You can view some examples of Aneurin’s own work below (click to view full screen):

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