2024 Episode 4: Sam Franks

The Misconduct of Cultural Interchange. A Study of Momoyama Shino Ware and Western Extrapolation of Japan’s National Living Treasure

This episode features a conversation with Sam Franks, a final year undergraduate student on the BA (Hons) Ceramics course at Cardiff School of Art & Design, about their final year research which Shino-Ware as an authentic expression of 16th century Japanese culture and Western appropriation of this culture.

In conversation with Sam are Dr Natasha Mayo and Dr Martyn Woodward.

You can find out more about Sam’s work via Instagram: @samfranksceramics

If you would like to follow up on some of the ideas discussed in this episode you may find the following resources interesting:

  • Orientalism by Edward Said
  • Cultural Appropriation and the Arts by James O. Young
  • The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation by James O. Young & Conrad G. Brunk
  • Global Objects, Towards a Connected Art History by Edward S. Cooke Jr.
  • Ceramics, Art and Perception (Journal)

You can view some images of Sam’s work in the images below:

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