Secondary and FE students rewarded in CSAD Ceramics Excellence Awards

CSAD’s Ceramics department has announced the launch of its first UK-wide ‘CSAD Ceramics Excellence Award’, devised to highlight the continued benefit of studying ceramics in secondary and further education.

The aim of the CSAD Ceramics Excellence Award is two-fold, to raise the profile of clay as a creative medium in schools and introduce to new emergent makers the potential of a unique creative trajectory at Cardiff School of Art & Design.

The students who achieved the coveted ‘Excellence’ award were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges including creative director of Llantarnam Grange, Hywel Pontin; Master potter, Geoff Swindell and Cardiff and Vale College tutor and ceramist, Billy Adams. The quotes below paraphrase their discussions:

GCSE award Joshua Keating (Sidcot School)
“A reference to the vessel in sculptural form reflective of contemporary ceramic context (such as Grayson Perry). A strong profile, bold and eye catching use of colour this piece demands attention! there is also a strong sense of individual style displayed through hidden detail, an attentiveness to quality of line, texture as well as more illustrative caricature, causing a viewer to take the time to look more closely. A wonderful culmination of skill in modelling and composition of draftsmanship. Extraordinary competence at GCSE level”

GCSE Commendation Caroline Cardozo (Mayfield)
“A highly rendered representative piece capturing great detail, demonstrating the mimetic potential of clay when articulated with patience, vision and able fingers!”

GCSE Commendation Kristo Ellis (Barry Comprehensive)
“a celebration of material exploration namely glaze technology worked through test pieces and final outcome, an evident enjoyment of alchemy – the transformative potential of ceramics!”

A-Level award Eleanor White (Atlantic College)
“this piece was a discovery, at first easily missed due to scale, quiet, humble and when observed conveyed a real intensity. A balance between representation of the human form, suggestive through clear informative modelling and the expressive potency of clay and glaze. An extremely powerful piece.”

A-Level Commendation Natasja Derry (Mayfield School)
“A feet of physics! This piece had to be applauded for its sheet ambition and level of skill in completion. Well done!”

A-Level Commendation Savanna May (Ysgol Dyffryn Aman)
“a whole world within a single piece! Great attention to detail, strong modelling skills, cultural reference and characterisation”

A-Level Commendation Jazmine Fenn (Mayfield)
“a striking, political and current piece. Very well observed structural modelling, and well composed illustrative detail”

A-Level Commendation Olivia Jones (Radyr Comprehensive)
“A warm and humorous piece at first catching attention through gentle imagery and on second look conveying a significant environmental message – innovative, charming and poignant”.