Delphi Campbell

Step Change Fellow and Fine Art graduate on ‘motivation and making at home’

Despite the current Covid-19 related restrictions, CSAD’sABF Step Change Fellow and Fine Art graduate Delphi Campbell is continuing with her creative practice, working from home.  Like so many of our graduates and students, Delphi has had to pivot her practice working out what it’s practical to do.  However, because she’s hugely motivated to build her career as an artist she’s used this as an opportunity to explore different ways of working and is developing her ideas in new directions.  Here Delphi tells us about what she’s working on and ensuring the current situation fuels rather than limits her ideas and practice:

‘Currently I am continuing my series of “Failure”, a line of work repurposing failed ink sketches, and painting flesh studies over the top, leaving glimpses of the original piece peeking through. I’m also experimenting with several soft sculptures, testing new techniques and decorative stitches to develop my work.

‘Lately I’ve begun a new project, titled “Things I Used To Be”, to explore more of my self and experiment with new multi-media methods. I’m in the process of planning a new set of large-scale acrylic on canvas paintings exploring intentional action and repetitive motion.

‘Recently I exhibited my painting “Keep Me Warm” at Cardiff M.A.D.E, in Roath, in their winter exhibition, and I am in talks with the Minitopian Gallery in Swansea about showing work with them. It’s been amazing to be able to focus on my practice, and I’ve already been able to work in new mediums and scales. I’ve had the chance to begin exploring intention within my pieces and started to research theory behind this.’