The Power of the Mud

CSAD Fine Art lecturer Paul Granjon has collaborated with bio-engineer Michka Melo and the FabLab at CSAD to develop a new robotic installation powered by microbial fuel cells. They will present the result of their experiments during the Digital Design Weekend in the Victoria and Albert Museum on 23/24 September 2017.

Microbial fuel cells are batteries that use the electron-carrying capabilities of certain bacteria found in mud to produce small electrical currents. An array of clay pots filled with mud collected near Barry Island, South Wales, and electrodes made from kitchen steel scrubbers intermittently power two small robots that attempt to get closer to each other and communicate.

Paul Granjon is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at CSAD and is known for his practice as an artist making robots for performances and exhibitions. His recent artworks often involve participation from the public and the use of electronic waste. Michka Melo is a freelance bio-engineer based in Brussels, member of the FoAm collective. He is currently working on sustainable habitats for space exploration and various biomimicry projects. Paul and Michka share a strong interest in sustainable living and alternative futures.

For more information about the V&A Museum’s Digital Design weekend click here.