Venice Diaries: [citizenship, as desire] [as notes]

Adam Farrugia White is the latest CSAD new graduate from the Fine Art progamme to take part in the Arts Council of Wales Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice Invigilation Plus programme, invigilating at James Richards’ exhibit at the Wales Pavilion and taking time to develop his own ideas and practice on his month in the city. Here is his first post from the Biennale.

I’m planning for my blog posts to gradually make more sense and build a cohesive thread, so this is just notes reappropriating the Chris McCormack text from James Richards’ exhibition and some of my ideas.

[citizenship, as desire] [as notes]

This is written as –

            – a continuation of

            ideas managing their


Identity in relationship to place is infinitely more complicated than I’ve realised. Without a common language, or at least a nonnative tongue, even the most simple utterances become careful exercises in self-expression.


  1. Does the word ‘queer’ translate?


1a. Does queerness allow intimacy passage across two languages?


1b. Will he [or, insert name here] understand the description in English? Or,    another more insidious question: what kind of body do I want to be (here)?

In fact, he now has two voices, which, as he is quite fully conscious, are produced each in quite a different way – Chris McCormack, Voce di Testa.



  1. There’s [something] about not knowing the next word, the next made up note or syllable.

For a second there is an attempt to think back to the moment of trying to preserve control over your voice – Chris McCormack, Voce di Testa.



  1. How can you maintain the elevated consciousness of being outside of citizenship whilst finding attachments to people?

3a. When you suspect that loneliness always conditions your experience, is it ever                   possible to be consumed by… ?

3b. [Distance] characterises all of my relationships as casual and profound.

They are quite disconnected, and an attempt to unite them either in speaking or singing may result at any moment in a disruptive cacophonous cracking sound – Chris McCormack, Voce di Testa.



  1. There is a chance to betray your ambitions in every city. This betrayal happens when you took towards others’ desires to define your own movements.

4a. It is easier than ever to be objectified when passing through.