Venice Diaries: ‘Dreaming’ by Gweni Llwyd

CSAD’s latest new graduate from the Fine Art progamme to take part in the Arts Council of Wales Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice Invigilation Plus programme is Gweni Llwyd. Gweni is invigilating at James Richards’ exhibit at the Wales Pavilion and taking time to develop her own ideas and practice on her month in the city. Gweni has also just been appointed one of the School’s ABF Step Change Fellows. Here’s her first post from the Biennale.

The screeching of strings echoes through a dark room. A male figure slowly turns to look at me. I wake up.

Initially, I’m freaked out. The male figure was frightening, sort of resembling Alexander Kaidanovsky’s character in ‘Stalker’, and the sound loud and intense. Then I realise the sound was familiar: a snippet from James Richards’ Migratory Motor Complex. The next day I encounter the piece awake (more or less), and can’t stop thinking about why and how I subconsciously attempted to illustrate it.