Anna Roger

Venice Diaries: Help Fine Artist Anna Rogers make art in Venice

New Fine Art graduate Anna Rogers, has just arrived for her placement at the Venice Biennale as a part of the Arts Council of Wales Invigilation Plus programme, helping welcome and talk to visitors and maintain James Richards’ Music for the Gift exhibition, at the Wales Pavilion. While she’s there she’d like you to help her create artwork. Let Anna explain…

“I have a proposition for you ….I will be in Venice for 26 days. I am looking for 26 participants to engage with me by post in a collaborative series of artworks. I will be making a piece of work for you, based on my experiences of the art/people/places that I come across while in Venice but with you as an individual in mind. I am interested in art in a gallery environment and how our experience of the art world is affected and censored by social, economic, academic and private boundaries.

“You can give me as little or as much information about yourself as you’d like, whether that information is personal, professional or anything in between. I will then post you the artwork and ask you to modify it in some way before returning it to me. I will be sending you an A5 sized image but there are no rules as to what you can do to it. You are welcome to digitise/paint/collage/deconstruct/burn/write about the work in any way your heart desires.

“I am not limiting the collaboration by only engaging with visual artists and would encourage anyone to get involved – I’ve already had responses from artists, designers, illustrators, makers, curators, writers, a film student, a social worker, a stage manager, a ceramicist, teachers and academics which is wonderful.”

“If you are interested or know someone who might be please email your contact details to Angie Dutton at CSAD,, and she will pass them on to me.”
Read more about CSAD at the Venice Biennale.

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