Mark Hicken

Venice Diaries: Lost and Found in Venice

Mark Hicken is our latest new Fine Art graduate to join the Arts Council of Wales Cymru yn Fenis Wales in Venice Invigilation Plus programme. Here are his first thoughts on being immersed in the Venice Biennale.

‘Since finishing my degree in May I have gone through all the cliché post uni phases – “Yay freedom can’t wait to make whatever I want”, “Oh my god what do I want to make”, “I have no idea what to do”, “Will I ever make work again” etc. Thankfully, as I hoped, Venice has already got me thinking of new ideas for work, new ways of making, selecting and presenting.

‘On my day off I got lost which turned out to be a great thing because I stumbled upon the Icelandic Pavilion’s show ‘Out of control in Venice’. I love everything about the show! The humour the work contains whilst discussing important global topics gives it an approachability for the viewer to engage with it. The entire space felt like an artist’s fun house with troll poop scattered around the place. Definitely going to revisit this show again before I leave!!’